Who will find glory on Day 5?

A very quick rundown of tonight’s medal predictions…


This is the tightest and arguably strongest field of any of the Olympic finals this week. Seven men separated by half a second, with the slowest man in the final posting 2.08.20 in 8th. This is only 1.19 seconds away from the World Record. Try and find another final this week where the swimmer standing behind Lane 8 is as close to the WR! In the Men’s 200 freestyle it was 4.23 seconds and in the Men’s 200 butterfly the gap was 4.52 seconds. In the Women’s 200IM it was a range of 4.75 seconds going into the final. The closest was the Women’s 200 freestyle, which was set at 3.65 secs.

This only means it will be an incredibly close field and anyone can win it. Prenot has the fastest lifetime best. Watanabe broke the Olympic record in the semi-finals and Willis is the most experienced of all. The World Champion from 2015, Marco Koch, has a lane too but with reports of a shoulder injury he may not be as dangerous as previously thought. The German did however ask his Government for £1m Euro bonus if he wins gold, to replicate other sports with larger financial rewards. So don’t count him out just yet!

SwimWords podium prediction:

Men’s 200 Breaststroke Prenot Watanabe Willis



SwimWords podium prediction:

Women’s 200 Butterfly Belmonte Hoshi Groves

This is another exceptionally open race, and the winner can come from anyone in the pool. Madeline Groves will go out very fast and fade, but it is a dangerous move in a final full of second half swimmers. The best of these being Belmonte and Hoshi who will come back fast on the final length. Hoshi has looked better through the rounds, and will be buoyed by her team mate Masato Sakai who won a silver in the men’s event last night.

Belmonte has looked strong in qualifying for this final, and with a Bronze in the 400IM already, will feel less pressure than the others.



Cam McEvoy has looked a little off his best in the opening rounds, but it is difficult to tell if he is holding something back or not. The World No.1 boasts a time this year so fast (47.04) that you can not bet against him.

Nathan Adrian and defending Olympic Champion will use all his experience to beat the rest, and the 18 year old future star Kyle Chalmers is our pick for third place. The Australian youngster in the qualifying rounds had the fastest second 50 metres in history, so look for him in the closing stages.

SwimWords podium prediction:

Men’s 100 Freestyle McEvoy Adrian Chalmers



For more insight on the women’s relay, please check a post that written before the Olympics started called ‘Women team up for World Records in Rio’. It shows the strength and depth of the top nations in this relay event.

Due to the form of the Australians this week however, we have moved them up to silver medal position and moved China to Bronze. The USA will be dominant with the great Katie Ledecky to add to their line up for the final.

SwimWords podium prediction:

Women’s 4×200 Freestyle relay USA AUS CHN


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